Louisa Chefs in the Culinary Center discussing techniques used to make the fresh pasta sheet in front of them

The Louisa Foods Way

Louisa Foods is a family-owned business started over 55 years ago by Ferdinando Baldetti, a St. Louis restaurateur. His desire to produce high-quality scratch-made ravioli for local restaurants was powered by his vision of using only fresh ingredients, carefully prepared and skillfully formed. These ideals are the cornerstone of Louisa Foods pasta today.

Ingredients displayed on a table with chefs cooking in the background

Our Scratch Kitchen Methods

Prepared in-house daily, Louisa pastas, appetizers and sauces are carefully crafted to maintain the delicate balance of flavor and texture that makes each recipe its best.

  • Use only USDA-graded meats, seafood, produce and herbs in our recipes
  • Grind and dice meats ourselves
  • Hand chop the vegetables and zest the lemons
  • Braise and roast meats and vegetables, and reduce stocks in-house daily
  • Grate and shred a variety of domestic and imported cheeses
  • Make pasta fresh with semolina flour and eggs

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Our Passionate Team

From chefs in the Research Kitchen to quality control on the production floor, our development team collaborates throughout the entire process.

Culinary and Research
Highly trained culinarians led by Chef Paolo Pittia who brings his expertise in Italian flavors and methods to every project.

Product Development
Including food scientists, machine operators, line supervisors and quality assurance (QA) managers.

Customer Support
Versed in distribution channels, quality assurance and product specification to answer any questions you may have.

Product Innovation
See how our team keeps creating.

Photo of the Baldetti Family

To be recognized as the leading provider of high-quality frozen filled pasta designed for superior culinary performance.

To achieve our mission, we stay true to the core values that made Louisa Foods successful long ago.

We believe in building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, based upon honesty, integrity and delivered value.

We believe that we earn business by listening to our customers and responding promptly, creatively, and with flexibility.

We believe the success of Louisa Foods is dependent on the talents and efforts of our people. We employ a diverse group of individuals, all of whom are committed to excellence in what they do.

We believe growth is essential and is the result of continued improvement and innovation.